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Venus Freeze for Houston / Katy

The Image Enhancement Centers provide our patients with more non-invasive face and body treatment options.

The latest non-invasive, no-downtime, treatment is the new Venus Freeze! This equipment is FDA-Approved for treatment of facial wrinkles and rhytides (deeper wrinkles) and is Health Canada-approved for skin tightening and temporary reduction of cellulite. Venus Freeze uses (MP)2-Magnetic Pulse Therapy and Multi Polar Radiofrequency to help initiate the skin's natural self-healing response without injuring delicate skin. Each Venus Freeze treatment combines eight energy waves of radiofrequency along with magnetic pulse energies.

Treatments typically take 30 to 45 minutes and are performed weekly. Six to eight sessions are generally required to treat the face and neck. Up to 8 treatments may be needed for other areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs.

No numbing creams or injections are required. Patients experience a feeling of warmth in the areas being treated. There is NO DOWNTIME or recovery time. Patients do NOT need to wear confining garments.

Venus Freeze at The Image Enhancement Centers in Houston / Katy, Complimentary Evaluations Available: Houston (713) 774-6243

Venus Freeze treatments are painless and comfortable, and can produce visible improvements in:

Image Enhancement Center offers complimentary Venus Freeze evaluations-- ASK about our special Introductory Price so that you can try Venus Freeze--call Houston (713) 774-6243 to schedule yours today.

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