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Workout Routine Not Effective? Try Body Sculpting

Permanent fat removal and fat transfer, enhance your body contouring and aesthetically, combining liposuction, thigh lift and Buttock Lift

Body Sculpting in Houston

Excess body fat and skin are unsightly and incredibly frustrating. Many people diet and exercise diligently, but still find themselves unable to achieve the body shape they want. By performing body contouring, including liposuction, Dr. James Kern helps his Houston patients sculpt and tone their bodies by removing stubborn body fat and excess skin to reveal a trimmer, healthier figure beneath. 

In the field of custom body sculpting, experience is the difference between a good body and a great body.

Have you ever wished you could remove excess body fat from one area and transfer it to your the breasts? Or your buttocks? Sinking cheeks? Or even the backs of you hands?

Gentle streams of water dislodge unwanted fat cells to sculpt your body into the shape you have always wanted. Your once unwanted fat is artfully placed to restore the youthful volume lost over the years.

Natural augmentation of the breasts or buttocks requires the precision placement of fat cells to achieve curves that are proportionate and right for your body.

Accomplishing your goals is easy with the minimally invasive procedures that have most patients returning to their normal activities in only a few days

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