Liquid Lift

Liquid Lift

Cosmetic injectables are created equal but not everyone has the special training and experience of the knowledgeable staff at the Image Enhancement Center.

​A one-hour appointment can take years off your face.

​The Image Enhancement Center’s LiquidLift uses one or more top-selling fillers – JUVEDERM® XC & VOLUMA, Restylane®, and RADIESSE® –

  • ​To lift, smooth and contour your facial features
  • ​Significantly reduce appearance of deep to moderate wrinkles
  • ​Add volume to sunken cheeks to restore their plump, natural shape
  • ​Eye areas for a more youthful appearance
  • ​To gently lift the corners of your mouth to enhance your smile.
  • ​Hands immediately become more shapely and feminine.

​Adding BOTOX® or Dysport® to your LiquidLift has the added advantages of minimizing fine lines and effectively treating:

  • ​Forehead or frown lines
  • ​Bunny lines
  • ​Lip and chin lines

​A one-hour appointment can take years off your face.

​Patients can rely on the Image Enhancement Center’s extensive experience with these top-selling injectables to help them choose the products that will work best for them.

​Most patients experience little or no discomfort thanks to topical anesthesia and lidocaine anesthetic in the dermal filler. There is little or no downtime, however, some patients do experience slight bruising at the injection site.

​Patients see rapid results and report continued improvements over the next four to six weeks.

​Dr. Kern or the Image Enhancement Center’s experienced R.N. injection specialists can help you achieve the more youthful natural appearance that you are looking for.

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