Vampire Face Lift/Facial®

Vampire Face Lift®

The Vampire Face Lift® combines the use of injectables with medical technology that utilizes your body’s platelet rich plasma (PRP) that contains essential growth factors to naturally stimulate the production of elastin and collagen.

The innovative treatment begins when a small amount of your blood is drawn and quickly processed in our lab. The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) extracted from your blood contains growth factors thought to be helpful in stimulating blood flow and collagen formation. An injection of hyaluronic acid (HA ) filler such as Restylane® or Juvederm® can be placed into the skin along with PRP into nasolabial folds or cheeks to provide an immediate lift and fullness. The natural features of your face are enhanced and wrinkles and the appearance of fine lines can be diminished to help achieve a healthy, more youthful appearance. Improvement continues for several weeks and can last for more than a year.

The Vampire Face Lift® can be a stand-alone procedure or it can be combined with the Vampire Facial®. This treatment utilizes a “micro-pen” that allows PRP to be gently infused into the upper skin layers to help stimulate collagen and improve the surface color and texture. Skin texture, color and pore size gradually improve over the following days and weeks. The Vampire Facial Lift® treatments work best when performed every 4 to 6 weeks. A package of 3 treatments is recommended.

Dr. Kern and our R.N. treatment specialists are highly trained in the art of the Vampire Face Lift® and the Vampire Facial® to help each patient derive the maximum benefit from his or her procedure. Understanding each patient’s desire to erase fine lines, minimize deep wrinkles or repair damaged skin during a complimentary consultation is only the beginning of the Image Enhancement Center’s personalized care. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to see a new you tomorrow.

Vampire Facial®

An innovative new treatment with a celebrity following.

Naturally revive your skin! The innovative yet effective Vampire Facial helps reduce fine lines, discoloration and enlarged pores for healthier skin and a firmer face in just one treatment!

Your Vampire Facial® begins when a small amount of blood is drawn and quickly processed in our lab to collect platelet-rich-plasma (PRP). PRP extracted from your blood contains growth factors to help stimulate collagen production.

A topical anesthetic is then applied and a micro-needle pen gently pricks the skin’s surface to allow for maximum absorption of your PRP. PRP is then gently swabbed onto your prepared skin surface.

The results are typically tighter skin, a firmer face and a more vibrant complexion.

Patients often comment that it feels much like a microdermabrasion treatment. Most men and women have little or no redness and can expect to see improvement for up to 3 months. Lasting results vary but patients give good reports a year after their treatment.

The Vampire Facial® can be combined with the Vampire Facelift® or can be an amazing treatment unto itself.

It’s Your Skin – Be Beautiful!

Vampire Facial®

Micro-Needling w/ Hyaluronic Acid

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